Shakedown: a radical change or restructuring in a hierarchical organization.
By holding to a higher purpose, outlier brands are shaking down the existing fashion systems, creating new practices to learn from and empower change.

Fashion Shakedown was created to highlight and recognize the various fashion companies who are changing the way the fashion industry has been operating for decades. Fashion Shakedown was created with you, the student, the researcher, the entrepreneur, the established business owner in mind. By showcasing the new industry best practices, you can more quickly work to shift priorities and see the possibilities for your own businesses and choices. We encourage everyone to continue to shake down the fashion system, find the higher purpose of an organization for our customers, employees, partners, and the world as a community in which you operate.

Fashion Shakedown was started by a Parsons, School of Fashion professor Gretchen Harnick, Assistant Professor of Fashion Marketing in late 2014. Together with research assistant, Jessica Galvan, the hope is for students, teachers, existing and new companies to enjoy the process of discovery and learning.

Recognizing that change happens over time, our aim is not to be preachy but to offer cases helping us to improve our own beliefs of what is possible. We are honored to keep uncovering the fashion brands located in villages and cities around the world creating higher purpose with their initiatives. We urge you to recommend brands or companies where you work, that you own, or where you shop you feel should be on our radar. And we also encourage you to follow us and support us by telling your friends. A high tide lifts all boats, so thank you.

-Gretchen and Jessica

We are currently looking for sponsors, whether it is businesses or the media and would like to hear from you. Please email us directly at info@fashionshakedown.com or send a note on Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you.