Aid by Design

Like contrasting patterns with similar colors, charitable giving and clothing have a way of artfully complementing each other. Designers and brands understand that they have a voice and platform that can be used for good. Hence the timeless trend of Aid-by-Design, or fashion for a cause. Aid-by-design campaigns tend to be launched by brands to bring attention and proceeds to an issue that matters to them. It can be anything from t-shirts with messages about human trafficking, a line of red products for AIDS research or simply a billboard that ironically calls attention to an unpopular war with a noted designer’s branding stamped on it. Perhaps you’ve seen American Apparel’s “Legalize Gay” and “Legalize LA” tees?

Cause fashion, cool clothes and accessories that promote a cause and another side of the Aid by Design coin, has been increasingly utilized by organizations and activists to bring attention to issues that matter. For example, charity: water, an organization that brings clean water to people in-need, has become known in the charitable world for creating fashionable tees and accessories to generate an awareness for the global water crisis. Samantha Urbani, of the band Blood Orange, did something similar for racial injustice by wearing tees with the message “Black Lives Matter” and “Stop Police Brutality” emblazoned on them.

This type of activism has been most widely utilized by shakers in the industry to bring a deeper purpose and significance to the world of fashion and members of the fashion community. Some pretty inspiring moments in fashion have occurred from this philanthropic and activist mindset. We think giving back will stay in fashion for a long time to come.

Check out some of these awesome campaigns and see the creations that helped to change lives!


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