Fashion for the People

The idea of investing in the local is something we think of as pretty damn cool these days. We’ve been seeing a return to the authentic, traditional, and made-by-hand-and-with-love way of doing things. Whether it’s the growing presence of farmer’s markets or the popularity of artisanal goods, this is a burgeoning market that is quintessentially hip.

The fashion industry has caught on, as it does, and shakers have embraced this movement with open arms, taking it to new levels of chicness. Fashion-4-the-people, as we like to think of it, is quickly proving itself to be a highly viable tool of empowerment that produces garments and accessories that are as marketable as they are compelling.

Shakers in the industry understand that this type of investing in local artisans, traditional craftsmanship, and small farmers and manufacturers creates a story that is wholly unique for their customers, making the clothes that much more special. Not only do these shakers financially invest in those who they directly work with but, by telling these stories, they can potentially uplift entire communities who depend on the survival of these skills and industries by bringing them the notoriety needed to ensure their survival for generations to come. It’s truly the coolest.

Fashion-4-the-People is a story worth looking into. Get to know these believers in the local.


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