Progress in Production

Imagine a world where air pollution and groundwater contamination caused by factories weren’t the norm. Imagine what it would be like if all industry was powered by natural, sustainable sources like wind and solar. It paints a rather nice picture.

For too long the production of garments has been associated with harmful effects on the environment and the world described above has been thought of as an almost utopian, and out of reach possibility. But in the last few decades, with the rise of environmental initiatives, many people in the fashion industry have taken major strides, doing their part to push fashion in this aspirational direction.

Progressive shakers have innovated in means of production, favoring tactics of closed loop production (waste is recycled into another product), cradle-to-cradle manufacturing (designing products that are waste-free, resulting in stuff that can either be recycled or biodegraded), waste-to-energy (waste is made into to energy), and upholding overall industry standards through constant self and third party evaluations. Pretty cool huh? With shakers throughout the industry becoming privy to this type of progressive production we just might be on our way to a brighter and smog-free future.

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