Furs, leather, croc skin, ivory… Luxe? Yes. Controversial? Definitely. These luxurious, highly coveted textiles have historically been viewed as the height of fashion, beauty and prestige. Worn by the most posh and elite, furs and skins have been a kind of opium of the masses. However, to actually own one of these animal skins obviously comes at the cost of animal lives. Since the fur trade began in the middle ages it has stirred up many a conflict between competing nations, reaped violence and degradation against indigenous populations, and has had devastating effects on animal populations  and the environment in general. To many, it would appear that the price of beauty is much too high.

The shakers taking a stand against the use of fur and skin are a creative and humane bunch. They are innovating in textiles that mimic the appearance and are just as luxe and beautiful as animal derived textiles, but leave out the cruel part. Now we can have the glamour without the guilt!

Get to know these animal-friendly designers and brands by following the Cruelty-free Chic blog!

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