The fashion world is inextricably linked to notions of beauty. However, as we’ve seen time and time again there is an not-so beautiful side to the business of fashion that can be down-right ugly. Many would prefer to brush this dark side under the rug, but there are members of the community that choose to combat these issues head-on and have dedicated themselves to that mission.

An emerging group of fashion anarchists are demanding to be seen and heard by creating organizations and groups specifically focused on the kind of social and political activism that can help to purge the fashion industry of its transgressions. They are confronting issues such as cheap labor and sweatshops, over-consumption of resources and deforestation, and animal cruelty in fashion and using tactics of advocacy, education, and mobilization to call for an end to these stains on the industry.

Help the cause by learning more about these fashion anarchists in our Fashion Activism section!

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