The garment industry has gotten a bad rap for its controversial use of cheap labor. Nightmarish stories of oversea laborers working 20 hour days in dark, dingy warehouses for just cents on the dollars has bred a generation of guilty consumers. Free Trade Agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have helped to create an environment where business practices like this are all too common and even revered for their low costs and efficiency. Too many though, it has very much become the dark side of fashion.

Enter, what we’ve deemed, the Sweat-free movement. Fashion shakers of the sweat-free variety are bringing the dignity back to production and manufacturing labor. With the moves they’re making in the industry, sweat no longer has to be part of the equation. Instead of sourcing labor overseas, long hours, and peanuts for pay, this movement is pushing things towards in-house workshops, hiring locals, and providing employee benefits and adequate pay. It’s fashion production done right.

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