Ever since Blake Mykowski came on the scene with those slip-on shoes that come in fun patterns and colors, it seems like anywhere we go we see someone rocking that signature square toe. Pretty much everyone has a pair floating around in their closet. Their comfortable and easy design made them a no-brainer for everyone from pre-teen girls, to young professionals, and soccer moms alike.  But the design and comfort of the shoe was not the only factor in the popularity.  By purchasing one pair of shoes you as a customer could be a part of something bigger; one pair of shoes purchased equals one pair given to a child in-need. Consumers were enamored with the idea of what buying one pair of shoes could do for not only their look but another person’s life. This model proved to be a stroke of marketing genius for the Tom’s brand, catapulting them into monster brand status, and has since done the same for several others including mass eyewear retailer, Warby Parker.

While shoes may seem like a small gift with a small potential for any real change, the popularity of this fashion business model has proven to be so compelling that companies like Tom’s have been able to use their mass-brand status and resources to expand the charitable work they do from shoes to issues like water, sight, jobs, and maternal health. While the one-for-one model has come under some scrutiny for its actual effectiveness in changing lives, these shakers have without a doubt revolutionized the industry and the concept of giving back with fashion, helping to create a generation of consumers that actually cares about what one pair of comfy shoes or fly eyewear can do.

Learn more about people like Blake and companies like Warby by exploring the one-for-one section of Fashion Shakedown.

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