Vertically Integrated business models have long been used in the fashion world. One company doing it all, to put it simply. Manufacturing. Distribution. Transporting. They do it all. With the rise of outsourcing and globalization, though, vertically integrated models became fewer and far between. Companies and brands found that they could just use outside vendors, factories, and retailers to produce and sell their products, making their work more efficient and lowering labor costs.  However, we’ve recently seen a resurgence of the One Stop Shop model. Many young, innovative brands, like Everlane and Bonobos, are employing the idea of the One Stop Shop, doing everything in-house, from design to sales. These shakers understand that by keeping it in the family (so to speak) and cutting out the middlemen, they can have more control over the quality and cohesion of the products, potentially save on costs like transportation, reduce their impact on the environment, and ensure the integrity of their business overall. These shakers hold their fate in their hands and consumers have responded to that level of reliability and authority by purchasing from these brands in droves. Hurray for making it a family affair!

Read up on how these shakers are killing it on every level.

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