Slow Fashion

Fall. Spring. Resort. Holiday. These are the seasons that dictate the fashion year. We begin seeing clothes for Fall in Summer. And stores are stocking the Spring lines in the dead of Winter. It’s been the accepted way of doing things for a minute. The problem with this old school way of releasing lines for upcoming seasons is that people actually like to buy skirts when it’s 80 degrees and sunny out, and coats for those cold, rainy days. Makes sense to us.

But why does this matter? Well, because too much waste is created and too many resources are depleted to keep up with the current fast fashion cycle model.

And so in the last few years there’s been a rumbling of disapproval of the fast fashion cycle that makes it all too common for clothes to end up as clearance items before the season is even over. What started as the rebellion against this wasteful fashion cycle by a few, has turned into a full on fashion movement.

Slow Fashion (a term coined by Kate Fletcher of Centre for Sustainable Fashion) is the name of this game for the shakers that are changing the playing field. They’re the ones making moves to release collections within season, with clothes that are made to last throughout the entire year. They put more care and consideration into creating clothes that they think their customers will connect with and cherish. Slow Fashion shakers have created a model for producing clothes that not only helps out their customers but good ol’ Mother Earth as well. This is a rebellion we can certainly get behind.

Meet some of these fashion anarchists and get acquainted with the Slow Fashion fight here.

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